Utility Contingency Planning Process

  • Assess
  • Discover
  • Propose
  • Close & Schedule
  • On Site Evaluation
  • First Draft
  • Final Draft
  • Follow-Up

Over the past several decades, the cost of business interruptions and downtime has grown exponentially. For some facilities, downtime costs can be as high as $2 million per day or even $1 million per minute.

We provide experienced personnel to help you identify exposures to business interruptions and develop plans to prevent or minimize downtime. The purpose of these assessments is to assist you in pre-planning for an emergency so that complete recovery can be accomplished quickly.

During the Utility Contingency Planning Process, we work with departments and individuals in your organization including Risk Managers, Plant Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, and Facility Managers.

A key component of this review is an analysis of the Utilities serving your Key operations. These utilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Power and Electrical systems
  • Chilled water systems
  • Steam and heating systems
  • Compressed Air systems
  • Condenser Water
  • Refrigeration Systems

On site interviews and inspections are used to identify critical processes, suppliers, equipment, and exposures to downtime and business interruption.

A preliminary plan is drafted which would identify not only equipment solutions routing, staging, and installation. This draft plan is sent to key managers for review and revision. This is an iterative process, encompassing several revisions as more information and priorities are discovered.

Once all stakeholders area in agreement, the plan is finalized and copies distributed to key managers, departments, and suppliers.