Facility and Process Engineering Projects

OwnerLocationScopeProject Billing
Anheuser-BuschVan Nuys, CAEmergency Refrigeration$2 million
Anheuser-BuschVan Nuys, CABack-up refrigeration$250,000
Anheuser-BuschVan Nuys, CARefrigeration for yeast propagator$50,000
Anheuser-BuschFairfield, CABack-up Power – 2 MW$1 million
Anheuser-BuschFairfield, CAUtility Contingency plan$10,000
Anheuser-BuschVirginiaEmergency Refrigeration$300,000
Anheuser-BuschFloridaEmergency Power$500,000
Anheuser-BuschHouston, TXEmergency Cooling Tower$800,000
Anheuser-BuschSt. Louis, MOProcess Testing$200,000
Anheuser-BuschGeorgiaAir compressors$300,000
Chateau St. JeanSonoma, CABarrel Room cooling$30,000
City of San FranciscoSan Francisco, CAEmergency Heating for homeless shelter$1.8 million
City of San JoseSan JoseEmergency refrigeration$100,000
San Jose Arena Insurance failure analysis$25,000
HP Pavilion Maintenance contract$80,000
CloroxPleasanton, CAFacility Management Contract$2 million/year
Clos du Bois WineryHealdsburg, CAEmergency power and Refrigeration during crush$100,000
ConocoPhillipsWilmington, CABack-up cooling tower$120,000
CoorsGolden, COEmergency Refrigeration $400,000
CoorsGolden, COBack-up air compressor$100,000
CoorsMemphis, TNSupplemental Refrigeration$250,000
Delicato WineryManteca, CARefrigeration during crush$100,000
Disneyland HotelAnaheim, CAOutsourced Operations And Maintenance Contract$500,000/year
Domain ChandonYountville, CAEmergency refrigeration For bottle freezing$100,000
Foley WinerySt. Ynez, CARefrigeration during crush$20,000
Gallo WineryHealdsburg, CAPeak Shaving, 1 MW$100,000
Gallo WineryFresno, CABack-up Power, 4 MW$2 million
Gallo WineryLivingston, CABack-up Power, 4 MW$2 million
IntelColoradoEmergency cooling$800,000
J. Lohr WinerySan Jose, CABarrel Room cooling$40,000/year
JMMD Medical CenterConcord, CA1,000 ton chiller installation$300,000
JMMD Medical CenterConcord, CAEnergy services retrofit$1.5 million
Kendall-Jackson Soledad, CAEmergency refrigeration and power during grape crush$80,000
Los Angeles County Internal Services Dept.Los AngelesMaintenance and Repair Contract – 5,000 vehicles$6 million/year
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.Los AngelesMaintenance and Repair Contract – 5,400 vehicles$9 million/year
Meridian WineryPaso RoblesAir compressors for bladder Presses during crush$150,000
Miller BrewingIrwindale, CABack-up Power, 10 MW$2 million
Miller BrewingFt. Worth, TXEmergency Power, 2 MW$500,000
Morning Star Tomato ProcessorsStockton, CAProcess cooling for pasteurization$80,000
National GypsumLong Beach, CAProcess cooling Drywall manufacturing$175,000
RAND Corp.Santa Monica, CAOutsourced Operations and Maintenance Contract$1 million/year
RJM WineryStockton, CAMain Refrigeration for Custom crush facility$50,000
Sonoma CutrerSonoma, CARefrigeration during crush$40,000
Sterling VineyardsNapa, CABarrel Room Cooling$50,000
TattingerNapa, CABack-up refrigeration$20,000